Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Harvest Festival Tuesday

We spend a lovely morning at our Tuesday morning group celebrating the Harvest Festival together. 
We made soup and cheesy bread which we then shared together at the end of the session with hot dogs.
We also brought in donations for the local food bank.

One of the group leaders told me off for keeping quiet about my birthday last Tuesday, and presented me with a little homemade birthday cake.
I nearly cried! We've only attended the group for a few weeks and it was a lovely thing to do.
I look forward to sharing it with everyone tonight after dinner. It looks delicious!

On our way home I couldn't resist this sweet little wooden box. It was sat very temptingly on the clearance table outside Help the Aged, and reduced to just 75p.
I really liked the shape of it and the hand painted decorations on the panels. I'm not quite sure what I'd like to do with it yet but i think it would make a lovely sewing box or perhaps a giftbox for some Christmas cookies etc.
I'll put my thinking hat on!


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