Saturday 7 January 2017

(Window)Sill Saturday

It's looking pretty full on the windowsill at the moment. Opening and closing the curtains is becoming a high risk activity. 

I have 2 amaryllis from Christmas 2015. They've never flowered and have grown quietly on the windowsill for over a year now. Both have now grown baby plants so I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next few weeks. Will they finally bloom? Will the baby plants? Will both? 

On the left is a little pot of leftover spring bulbs from the planter I made. I thought they'd be a little ahead of the bulbs outside but they are actually pretty close in size. 
The centre pot is the amaryllis I was gifted this Christmas. There is already a bud on the plant and you can almost watch it grow it going to fast. 
The metal tin is full of narcissus. It's the tin I bought for £2 a few years back in a garden centre clearance. Every year it's been a delight to watch bloom. 

Finally I have my mystery plant. It was a gift from my parents but I've quite forgotten what it's called. I love the frilly edge of the leaves. 
 Inside the various soda bottle greenhouses are chilli plants. I'm growing them from the free seeds we were given at the New Forest Show last year.
I'm hoping most of them grow and I can use them for trades on freegle and Facebook. Possibly even for sale.

What's growing on your windowsill?



  1. Found your blog whilst blog hopping, i shall follow with interest
    sammie xx

  2. The final bloom of the 4 on my amaryllis is just coming to a droopy end. The nice guy at the garden centre told me that when it does, I should cut off the flower [at the top] and leave the stem to die back - having put the pot into somewhere cool and dark like the garage. He says if I over winter it in there, only cutting off the remaining stem when it is completely yellow and collapsed, then it will revive NEXT autumn. Is that what you did?? Never had one before and ASTOUNDED by the beauty of it this year. Just planted 3 hyacinth bulbs in fancy pot. Gift from SIL. They are on a shelf in the porch - kept dark by an old top hat!!

  3. Hellp Sarah, i gave up on indoor plants many years ago. My bedroom windowsill currently has little plants waiting for me to plant them outside - lemon tthyme, pizza thyme, a baby tree fuchsia, lemon basil, cos lettuce, dill and rainbow chard. I s it supposedly Summer here in Wellington, NZ but is only just staring to feel like it! Fingers crossed for amaryllis flowers for you,
    Michelle and little round kitty Megs, in Wellington, NZ

  4. When the amaryllis are done blooming I cut off the bloom leaving the stem.Then they are moved into a cool spare bedroom until Spring, watered sparingly. As soon as the ground warms up a bit out they go pot and all buried up to the lip. They are left to manage all summer (check for water if it is very dry) then brought back in the fall put in a dark place and allowed to dry completely. Then when you want to start them back water light and a warm place.If you give them too much space they make lots of bulbs. Sometimes they bloom sometimes not anybody know what the trigger is ?


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