Saturday 21 January 2017

Daddies taking us to the zoo

Yesterday the girls had a bonus day off school. As the teacher training day coincided with payday we thought we'd go all out. 
We woke the children and bundled them up layers of clothes, hats and gloves. 

Being a chilly morning and early in the year, we practically had the zoo to ourselves. It was lovely to stroll at our own pace, use the bathrooms with queuing first and we had several chats with different keepers who were going about their daily chores.
I'd like to apologise to the Okapi keeper though  who was bombarded with questions about poop.
To be fair though one of them had just pooped right in front of us. The Okapi that is, not the keeper.

It was a really lovely day out.  Everyone arrived home tired out and bedtime was one of the easiest I have ever known! 



  1. The last time I went to any kind of zoo was when I took my Grandson, must be about 21 years ago.
    Looks like the little one's enjoyed themselves and Dad too. Lovely heart warming post. thankyou

  2. How lovely for the children to wake up and find out that they were going to the zoo - with Mummy AND Daddy. It's healthy to ask lots of questions even if they are mainly about poo!!! I'm sure the keepers didn't mind. An easy bedtime just made the day perfect, didn't it?


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