Tuesday 17 January 2017

School again :(

DD1 came home upset this  afternoon. She said she'd failed her weekly spelling test. She cried on the bus journey home.
Knowing that the test was on the 19th I had planned a few activities for this evening and tomorrow to help her learn her current words. Things like window writing with foam,  wordsearches, letter hunting games etc. Tried and tested methods that had helped her learn difficult words before.
But instead they did it today. Two days ahead of schedule. 
She's upset, I'm upset and you can bet your derri√®re the school will equally upset tomorrow once I've been there and had words!!! 



  1. Bless her. I hope she's ok. That's very unfair of the school to do that. I would be livid too. X

  2. Poor thing. Why bother giving a date to begin with, it's like they setting a child up to fail which isn't the point of education as far as I was aware. To feel like a failure is hard enough to deal with as a teenager/adult let alone a primary school child who is still learning to process emotions and how to deal with failure (which I know we all must learn but not in a slapdash manner like this). Good luck with the school, I know they try hard but maybe their report should be must try harder and stick to deadlines.


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