Saturday 14 January 2017

School Report Sadness

Yesterday the school reports arrived home. The school is using a new system this year and I found them really disappointing.  
DD1 is not reaching her targets on time, but she never has since the day she started. I've always known it takes her a little longer to have that magical light bulb moment but when she does, she then races ahead. She learns something new slowly and thoroughly but then knows it so well that she can apply it anywhere.
DD2 is turning out to be something of a maths whiz. She has always been one for order and patterns so u can't say we are shocked at the revelation. As a toddler she loved to line things up in size order or straight lines. 
The thing I hates about the reports though, was the complete lack of personalisation. There was no personal statement, no score for effort or improvement. Nothing but numbers and statistics.
It didn't tell me that DD1 is the first child on the scene of a playground accident, helping people up and checking they are okay. It didn't tell me that DD2 is a bit of a perfecrionist in the classroom and gets upset if things are put in the wrong places. She is actually given the nickname "Librarian" in class as she likes all the books to be neat on the shelf together arranged in their bookband colours.
It doesn't tell me that when DD1 reads aloud she gives every character their own voice and acts out all the parts. It doesn't tell me that DD2 much prefers non-fiction to fiction and likes 'real' things far more than imaginary things.
It didn't tell me they have bright sunny personalities or that they are liked in their classes.
It told me nothing but where they ranked in a room of 30 other children with reading, writing and maths. My children are more than that and I'm very annoyed the reports don't show it.
I will bemail speaking to the teachers about it on Monday.



  1. It makes me sad too. I also dislike the standard paragraphs that get used in reports these days. It's lovely how you've described your children and recognise their wonderful qualities. X

  2. I understand your frustration. As a teacher who has been at the job forever, I find the format of the new reports incredibly unsatisfying. It does reduce our children's performance to a list of tick-boxes. YOU are a caring, loving parent, and you know your DDs very well, and spend lots of time with them. So you are aware of their gifts and skills - and not blind to their shortcomings [eg the reaching target issue] Yes, do speak to the teachers on Monday BUT please, for their sake, understand that they are using the format which has been handed to them, and probably feel as uncomfortable about it as you. I know of a school where a pair of twins ended up with identical reports, simply because the system required staff to choose from a list of given phrases, and there was no room for individual comments. Also, be grateful that you DO have the opportunity to spend so much time with your children. Think of the other Mums who may have to go out to work to support the family and therefore use childcare. Some of those will not be quite so aware of the day to day events of school life, and will find these highly processed reports quite devastating because they never give the whole picture of a child's progress socially and emotionally, as well as educationally. Continue to be positive - you are doing a great job, and I suspect the teachers are's just the reporting/performance assessment system which lets everybody down. And you can tell DD1 and DD2 that THIS teacher loves reading about their progress and thinks they are growing into splendid little girls. If they become half as caring and supportive as their Mum, then they will do fine!! Enjoy your weekend with them

  3. I am a teacher in Australia. We are forbidden, yes forbidden, to even write something like ' I congratulate .....on an excellent year'. It's all bs department speak. I don't even read my own child's report these days they are so full of inhuman bunkum.

  4. I suppose that this is down to all the levels of expectation by school inspectors, to them it is just a case or percentages. Just like in the modern day work place children are being reduced to numbers not names with personalities.

  5. Hello, I love to visit your blog but do not have a blog myself. Sadly this is the way reports are now going, so impersonal. Just treasure the fact of the wonderful and tremendous things your children are doing. Tick boxes and statistics are such a big part of life now, so sad. Sue H.

  6. school reports are nothing like when i was at school, all hand written and personal, i get nowadays its easier to be done via computer but that personal touch has definitely gone, i assume due to regulations and rules of today teachers are also not allowed to say certain things! its the same with my sons school, he is at high school (now called colleges!) and they rate a childs grade by numbers 1-9 i think its all very confusing what was wrong with an A,B,C grade etc, his too doesn't reflect him or his qualities, i sometimes wonder if they actually know who they are reporting about, i think all reports are quiet samey if you know what i mean. I wouldn't worry you know your own kids qualities and how amazing they are at their own things
    sammie xx

  7. Friends of mine have said the same thing - they aren't interested in the child or in encouraging their personalities and talents to shine through. Your children sound like lovely, well-rounded young people, a credit to you and yet their reports wouldn't tell anyone that. Email and tell those teachers that the children they teach aren't just numbers on the school roll, they are individuals.


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