Tuesday 10 January 2017

Try it Tuesday

I read an interesting blog post a few days ago by Sammy Skint about a new frugal laundry liquid.
When I spotted some in our local branch of Savers I decided to take Sammies advice and give it a try.
It really is just as good as she said! I really like both of the scents, rose being a huge favourite of mine and the peach is a lovely fresh fragrance.  They left everything clean, soft and lightly scented even on a 30° wash. Even Hubbies grubby shirt collars were defeated :)
At just £1 per bottle (currently with 20% extra free) I will certainly be stocking up on these fellas.

 If you are near a Tesco or Savers I recommend you give it a go.



  1. Ooh glad you found it and gave it a try, thats two bloggy friends this week that have been converted ..yay
    sammie xx


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