Thursday 5 January 2017

Thrifty Thursday

I picked up some lovely bargains this morning in town. The pound shop had all there Christmas bits down to 25p each. I took the opportunity to pick up some cheap toiletries, just the right size for going on holiday. I thought the globe bubble bath was to cute to pass up. They will be stashed for next Christmas.

Clintons have a good sale on at the moment. I picked up a birthday card for Boo with unicorns on it. £4.50 reduced to 99p! 
Waitrose had bags of mixed nuts reduced to clear. I snapped one up for 47p thinking it would be good fun to try cracking them with the girls.

G-man was fascinated by them. I popped them into an empty biscuit tin for him to examine.

For most of the morning they have been tipped in and out of containers, rattled in the tin, lined up and peered at carefully. 
 I feel like I've had my 47p worth from them already and not one has been eaten yet!
I might even invest in some more.

X X X 


  1. Who needs to buy expensive toys when a tin of nuts is available. lol

  2. I am not going to make jokes about young men and their nuts - - no, I' not! Lovely pictures!

  3. Some good bargains there. I've already bought all my cards, gift tags and wrapping paper for next Christmas in the sales.

  4. What great fun he had with the nuts! Well worth the money.


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