Sunday 1 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year everyone!  
We've started our year with by making a bit pot of Death soup. It's made from all the loitering veggies in the fridge from the festive period. The odd escapee Brussels sprout, the 3 parsnips that didn't fit in the oven dish,  and the carrots everyone forgot we'd bought etc.
It should really be called New Year soup but Hubby made a comment a few years back that it signified the death of Christmas for him, and naturally the name stuck.

These three little monkeys will make short work of it, whatever it's called. 
I'm looking forward to seeing what each of them have in store for me this year.

We're all tired from seeing the new year in.  This was the first year both of the girls stayed awake to see it. Usually the conk out long before the celebrations.
Our activity for the afternoon is turning our little stash of Christmas cards into next Christmas's gift tags. It's a nice lazy activity to do in front of a movie.

Happy New Year folks.
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  1. Great name for the soup. A seasonal version of Fridge Scrape Soup. I have been writing thank you letters this afternoon using Xmas cards cut up to make notelets. Happy new year to you all xx blessings and love xx

  2. Your pot of veg soup looks great and I'm sure the little ones wouldn't eat it if it wasn't tasty.
    Making tags used to be one of our things with the kids years ago and I used to stand and iron all of the christmas wrapping paper and put it away for the next year. You may have gathered that we didn't have much money in those days. lol
    Happy new year to you all.


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