Thursday 12 January 2017

Thrifty Thursday

I was going to treat myself to some hat kits in a local wool shop today. I'd been thinking about purchasing them for a while but £5.50 was a little to expensive as I wanted 3 kits so the children had a hat each. 
This week the store had a sale on with the hat kits reduced to £3.30 each. I decided to treat myself finally.
When I went to the shop to get them there was already another customer in the shop with a pushchair. It's only a small shop, no way would I get my pushchair in there as well. Luckily I was with a friend who offered to stand  outside  with the buggy while I nipped in. Problem solved. 
 Or not.
The other customers buggy was pushed up against the entrance, the door opened inwards against the buggy so I carefully tried to nudge the buggy back so I could slip into the shop. But the brakes were applied and the door barely opened half an Inch.
So I stood by the window waving to catch the attention of either the customer or the owner. Both looked at me several times as I pointed to the door and the buggy, and promptly ignored me. 
After a few minutes of standing outside the shop feeling a bit miffed another customer arrived, they were also ignored. We both waited a little longer before the newly arrived customer said the owner obviously didn't want our custom and she'd go elsewhere. 
So I followed. Instead of spending  £9.90 in the Yarn shop, I went to pound world and bought 3 balls of their yarn instead. Even better it was 3 for 2. 
Since then Ive found a  free pattern on Ravelry and splurged £1.50 on a pompom maker on Ebay.
Overall I've saved £6.40 and learnt were NOT to shop in future.
Definitely a thrifty Thursday.



  1. My goodness how rude of the shop owner, you did right and saved yourself some money, well done, i look forward to seeing the end result
    sammie xx

  2. I have used that yarn and been pleased with it. You got a bargain there x

  3. How very rude of both the shop keeper and the other customer. I had a similar experience with a shop owner asking my daughter to stop crying. She was only crying because the shop owner's dog was barking at her! Like you, I took my custom elsewhere. Good that you saved some money too. I love the colours of your yarn. X


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