Saturday 14 January 2017

Angry shopping

Thank you for the kind comments everyone. It's helped me put things a little more in perspective and really appreciate what I have.
I took a walk this afternoon. A stompy clearing my headaughter sort of a walk. Hubby kindly took charge of the children to give me the peace and space I needed.
Trusting that my feet knew where to take me I ended up at the local garden centre so decided to have a little mooch round. 
The post Christmas sale was pretty poor, but the plant clearance was wonderful! I picked up three potted herbs. Sage, Lemon Balm and Thyme. They have joined the Mint and Chives already growing on my kitchen windowsill. 
It certainly made me feel a bit better :)
I'm hoping they may even make me a little extra cash later on from cuttings.  Another little project for the summer months.



  1. An angry stomp does wonders, well done with the herbs, wonderful bargain
    sammie xx

  2. Sounds like your head is a little clearer- well done Hubby for giving you the space you needed for a good stomp!!

  3. Plants are always good for lifting the spirits I reckon ;)
    Sorry the reports were disappointing, it's really sad how impersonal they have gotten. We home-ed so this was news to me. Go sniff your herbs!!

  4. I hope your head is now clearer thanks to your stomping and your new herbs. X

  5. I had angry stomps when our lot were young so not to worry. Until you get older like myself you don't realise what hard work it is bringing up a family, I now see just how much energy I must have had then so don't beat yourself up, you stomp when you want to it will do you good. lol

  6. I understand your frustration. Like Ang said on your Report Sadness post the teachers probably don't like the system either. When I was at summer school we could only use the phrases given to us on the children's reports. I slipped in my own comments from time to time, but generally just had to toe the party line. I think it's worth explaining your disappointment & dissatisfaction to the Headteacher,but don't blame the teachers. They probably know your DDs very well, and, I imagine, enjoy teaching them!


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