Thursday 19 January 2017

Busy day

Today has been a really odd sort of a day. 
First we found a beautiful peacock butterfly on the way to school with our friends. 
The girls were fascinated with it and both gently held it on their gloved fingers. I wonder what it was doing over here in the middle of winter.

After the school we popped in to see my parents while our car was checked over. All of our internal lights aren't working, which is a huge pain in the darker months. Car seats are not easy to plug in without good lighting! My brother the mechanic thinks it's probably just a fuse so finger's crossed it's solved quickly.
We arrived back home just in time to get a phone call from the school about DD2. At some point during lunchtime she fell and hit her face on something in the playground.  She insists it was a fat red chair, we think she means a bench but there aren't any red benches in the playground. Because it was a head injury we had to pick her up. 
I'm really hoping she doesn't wake up with a shiner tomorrow.

Seeing as DD2 and Gman were at home with Daddy, I took the opportunity to surprise Dd1 with a mummy-daughter date. We had a lovely hot chocolate in a local cafe. It was nice to give her my full 1:1 attention for a little bit. 

Once home DD1 was in the mood for some home learning. We tried an idea I'd spotted on Pinterest for learning new spellings and it went down a storm. We'll definitely be trying this method again. It's so much fun.

Quite a day! I think I will spend the evening sitting quietly with my current book and some chocolates.


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  1. Another idea we use at school for spelling practice is pyramid writing - works really well with longer words (like beautiful) - you start by writing the first letter, then underneath the first and second, then on the next line, the first second third - and so on. When you finish, it looks like a pyramid. Also, try cutting letters out of magazines and sticking them. Or Scrabble tiles. rainbow writing. Drawing boxes around the letters (this helps with letter size, too and getting letters with descenders under the line). Dividing into syllables. Writing a letter with no vowels, then adding the vowels in. Look, say, cover, write, check. I can probably think of six or seven more we commonly use if I put my mind to it!


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