Sunday 13 December 2015

Sunday Baking (and elves)

What better way to spend a cold drizzly Sunday? Baking all afternoon with my girls while Baby G enjoyed some tummy time unmolested.

We made a tray of banana and chocolate flapjacks for the morning school runs. Flapjacks make a great breakfast if your on the run! 

We also made gingerbread (albeit with white sugar not brown) shapes to hang on the tree. Though I'm not too confident that many will make it to the hanging stage!

And finally here's a quick snap of last night's elf high jinxs. Adding their own special decoration to our Christmas tree. The girls thought it was hilarious when they spotted it this morning.

X x x

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  1. I love the traditional white smock your daughter is wearing. It is funny but I did not know that was bathroom tissue on your tree until I saw the roll dangling on the floor! Love your blog.


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