Tuesday 8 December 2015

Splurging and Elfing

I had a little splurge today in the local garden centre. I had some pennies left on a gift card I received last Christmas. I've had so many goodies throughout the year with it, mostly reduced plants and clearance specials.
I decided on a new Cath Kidston mug to replace my smashed one from earlier in the year. A fresh packet of cress seeds and some pretty snapdragon seeds, and two yummy looking bars of fudge.
And I still have £4 and change left on the card lol.

I was tempted to get these lovely and attracrive Nasturtium seeds lol. The packet did make me giggle as I browsed. I wonder whose responsible Thompson or Morgan?

And last but not least the elves latest adventure. Rounding up the ponies and creating a cushion sledge. Quite a nifty way to travel and deliver the latest book calender gift! I hope the girls enjoy finding them like this in the morning, I'm quite proud of this one!


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  1. I'm loving seeing what your elves are getting up to everyday, good to see they are behaving better than the other day!!


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