Sunday 20 December 2015

A Christmas themed day (+ Elves)

So this morning we discovered our tree had be redecorated once again.
This time those naughty elves (with Daddies help) had raided the laundry pile for (Clean! ) underpants and hung them up. The naturally adored the idea!

After a quiet morning at home, we ate our lunch and headed out. 
First we visited with Father Christmas himself and possibly the world's best photographer ever.
How he managed all three looking at the camera AND with nice smiles, is a minor miracle!

Next we went to Keydales to see their winter woodland walk.  It's a beautiful free attraction at a local garden centre, full of life sized moving snowmen and twinkly lights. 
We all really enjoyed it.

They also have a few animals staying with them for the festive period like this beautiful reindeer. There was also Kuna Kuna pigs, goats and donkeys.
It made for a great few hours and barely cost us a penny (just charitable donations)



  1. Oh my, that's a new style of ornament!

  2. I had a giggle at the Xmas tree decorations. Beautiful family photos as well. You certainly are having a wonderful Xmas season.

  3. Lovely Christmas photo, sounds like you had a lovely Christmassy day - I love days like that :)

    Today is going to be a Christmas craft day in our house (I will still be finder glitter well into the new year :) and Christmas films


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