Saturday 26 December 2015

Boxing Day

I actually quite enjoy boxing day. It's a great day for pottering about and thinking about the coming year. Today I have mostly been putting together toys for girls, and untwisting lots of wire holding things to cardboard.
I found a little time after lunch to pot up my three amerylis bulbs, one from each of the small people.
All the bulbs had started growing in their boxes which is a good sign of sucess.
I look forward to watching then grow and flower.

I also had a little brainwave thanks to DD1 today.
I was starting to colour in a page from one of my lovely new books when she plonked herself beside me to watch. 
"That's very beautiful, it looks like wrapping paper"
And a little light bulb turned on in my head. Because it would make great wrapping paper for little gifts. What a great way to enjoy a hobby AND have a useful product at the end of it! 
I will start building up a little collection of paper ready for the march birthdays.

X x x


  1. Such a good idea to use your coloured in paper as wrapping paper.

  2. It would not be fair if we compliment all the blog writings but not the author.


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