Sunday 6 December 2015

Help! She needs to be a sheep!

I was helpfully informed on Friday that DD1 was a stable animal in the nativity play this year. Which of course meant she needed a Monday.
Not an easy feat with two sick children and a hubby working all weekend.
I had a basic plan in my head as DD1 insisted she wanted to be a sheep. I made an emergency sos phone call to Nanny, who has the fabric stash to end all fabric stashes.
She arrived today armed with wadding material, pink fabric, a sewing machine and a box of tricks.
Within an hour we had the costume above! DD1 will be wearing a long sleeve black tshirt and leggings underneath for the real deal but you get the idea!
Thank goodness for Nannies sewing skills and a special mention to Grandad for his child entertainment skills so we could work in peace.
Potential disaster averted!

X x X

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