Tuesday 22 December 2015

Another day another grotto....

We managed to visit with Father Christmas again this morning. The original plan was to see him yesterday but the weather was abysmal and no one seemed in the mood to leave the house.

Today's grotto was run by the local council. They really go all out to make it special. Everyone was dressed as elves or snowmen, inside there are lights and displays to discover while you wait your turn.

Every Child gets a badge, a gift and a Christmas card written out to them. Father Christmas even knows what you would like already as if by magic (parents are asked as you buy tickets and kiddies are distracted).
DD1 was very pleased to hear his elves have almost finished her mermaid barbie.

And last but not least the elves! Today they decided to dress up in costumes from the dressing up rail. 
 I'm actually quite sad they are almost finished for the year, we've really enjoyed thinking up adventures each day. 

X x X


  1. Love the heading, another day another grotto. Sarah you do make me laugh. You do the best things with your kids. You are creating beautiful memories.xx

  2. The picture of your children in the sleigh reminds me of a Victorian Christmas card. How lovely! Merry Christmas!


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