Thursday 10 December 2015

Looking to the future (and elves!)

OH has been told he's being trained up for management at work. He starts training just after Christmas though he pretty much knows most of it already, just unofficially. The idea eventually is to get him ready to be an area manager for the Isle of Wight!
It's quite a lot to take in, but the timeline for this is about 2 years so it wouldn't be a quick flit.
It would be a big upheaval though and restart for all the family but I think the island could be a lovely place to raise the children. I feel some random internet research coming on.
It may not all happen of course, so much can change in two years. Who can say where any of us could be in 24 months time?
But definitely a lovely daydream for over Christmas.

 The elves decided last night to try moving home themselves. They look quite cosy in the doll house, but Barbie was a little bit upset about her eviction.
See! I can trust my hubby occasionally!

x x x


  1. The Isle of Wight is not a million miles from where we are in Dorset! We might actually get to meet up!

  2. What exciting news if things go to plan. I love the I.O.W, all those sandy beaches and the ferry journey makes it feel special. We had our honeymoon- in a tent!- there in 1979


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