Thursday 17 December 2015

Girls room part 1 - organising clothes

Have you seen these fab over the door hangers they sell in Poundland? 
They are a bargain and a half! And so useful too.

I  grabbed two for the girls bedroom along with a pack of coat hangers. 
A quick Google search found some pretty and free printable wardrobe tags. (I found mine here)

And voila. Monday to Friday outfits completely organised and ready for next week. 
If I can get into the habit of setting these up each weekend then my mornings will be much smoother events! 
I can even hang the weekends outfits on the hook underneath or add their swimming stuff bags etc.

£3 very well spent I think!

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  1. I use mine for my nurses uniforms. I iron them and then hang them up all ready for 05.30 in the morning. If I'm short of drying space it's useful too. One can buy buy a lot of toot in the pound shop but I agree it's a well spend pound.


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