Wednesday 16 December 2015

How to gift potted plants - tutorial

I picked up these two pretty plants in the local branch of Poundland. They are just the perfect size and prettiness for this year's teacher gifts. However I want to dress them up a touch ready for gifting.
 And in case you also feel the urge to dress up a pot plant here's a little photo tutorial.

Find a piece of A4 paper thats pretty. I've used a page of sheet music but you could use scrapbook paper, tissue paper or even good ole newspaper.
You also need scissors, tape and some ribbon.
(If you don't have ribbon you could use lace or hairy string instead)

Roll the piece of paper around your plant from one corner to the diagonal corner. Tape in place.
Flatten the overlapping paper on the bottom of the pot, fold into a point. Fold the point back up and tape.
(Try and tape things on the same part of the pot so it's neater at the front)

Try a ribbon around the pot and make a nice looking bow or knot. Tape it at the back to secure it (especially if your trusting a 5 year old to gift it!)

VoilĂ . Poundland pot plants dressed up for gifting.

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  1. Cheap 'turkey roasting bags' make wonderful crinkly cellophane wrapping for pot plants which don't already have their own [also useful for tins of biscuits and other randomly shaped gifts, if you wrap the item loosely in tissue paper first x


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