Saturday 19 December 2015

Lazy Days and Elves.

Today has been deliciously lazy. Hubby was working till early evening so it was just me and my three small humans for the day. To celebrate the first day of half term I gifted them myself for the day.
Other than the essentials (nappies, potty training, feeds etc) I left myself completely free to play.
It was lovely to spend a whole day without using the phrase 'let me just finish .....'

During nap time and general periods of quiet I worked on a little cross stitch card from my stash.
Hubby very kindly treated me to a job lot of card kits at an online auction. This pile should keep me quite entertained for a while!

This morning the elves gave the girls an activity book each. I enjoyed helping them with the puzzles and playing the board game inside. 
Hubby is in charge of them again tonight so who knows what might happen!

X x x

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  1. I fear with hubby in charge of the Elves tonight might be slightly risqué perhaps????


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