Tuesday 1 October 2013


I've won the Septimus Frugalus Competition over at the Frugaldom Forums!

 For those that don't know the item above is handpowered (well footpowered) washing machine. It means I am able to wash clothes electricity free either in the bath, shower or garden. Not only does this look really practical it also looks super fun.  My first job once I've worked out how it all works is to convince DD that it's a game and get her pumping for me lol.
 You can find out more by clicking on this link HERE.

I'm looking forward to joining in with this months challenge named Octavius Frugalus, why not pop along at join in. We are the friendliest bunch of Frugalers you'll ever meet.


  1. Should be good for dealing with bingo wings and exercising weak wrists too!

  2. The are also great things for tombola style draws, helped by little paws. :D


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