Friday 25 October 2013

Knit your part

  The photo above is the knit and natter group I attend each Thursday. Yesterday we had some very special visitors to pick up our donation of knitted hats for all the local troops headed out to Afghanistan soon. We have been knitting them now for a year or two and donate around 150 at a time to a local barracks.

They also appreciated our offer of a cuppa, and soon everyone was chatting like old friends. No one took up the offer of a knitting lesson from us though, maybe next time eh?

But they did enjoy modelling a handful of the various designs and picking their favourites. So now our store is empty it's time to get knitting again for what we're told could be the last lot to head over in May. We will have to get our thinking caps on about who to knit for next! Any suggestions?

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  1. check out this site for useful ideas

    xxx [great hats!!]

  2. Great hats!! I'm sure they are really appreciated, well done to all your ladies. I have just knitted 53 premature baby hats for our local hospital via our knit and natter group, its an ongoing project as they are always desperate, maybe that could be your next project. Its worth getting in touch with your local maternity unit. After reading your post on Frugaldom hopefully it will be somewhere you will be visiting yourself in 7 months time :-) Congratulations x


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