Wednesday 9 October 2013

Happy birthday to me!

It's my birthday!!! I have been spoilt rotten all day with every unfrugal luxury I could want including a luxurious Indian takeaway for dinner. I feel stuffed and lazy and wasteful and I am loving every second of it! 
OH has surpassed himself with amazing gifts for me.  I have a lovely pile of reads stacked up. And as much Hugh as a girl could want. 
The best present of all though is one I can share with you.  A promise to give me 30 minutes every day to blog in peace and quiet.
So look forward to more random waffling from me as of tomorrow.

X x x


  1. Happy Birthday and such thoughtful gifts, it is lovely to let your hair down every so often and what better excuse than your brthday, enjoy every second of it

    Sharon x

  2. Enjoy the luxury of the takeout, all your nice gifts and most of all Happy Birthday!

  3. I'd be made up with any of those! Happy birthday! x x

  4. Haooy Birthday, everyone should have a day off from pinching those pennies! look forward to your next posts.xx

  5. The best presents are the free ones! Happy birthday! xx


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