Tuesday 15 October 2013

Birthday leftovers

 I'd been looking for something to do with my birthday cards rather than throw them away. I like to think people have spent a little bit of time thinking about what I would like to receive so I don't like to just throw them away. This year I found a really simple tutorial for making a card into a little box. You can find the tutorial here.
Wouldn't these be perfect for little gifts or storing trinkets. DD is currently using one as a little boat for Peppa Pig to sail around the living room while evading attacks from bath duckies.


  1. What dinky little boxes! And a lovely way to keep those special cards too.

  2. I had a friend who used Yellow Weetabix boxes to make boxes for children's birthday gifts - they looked superb! [she DID have 3 boys who ate lots of weetabix, and always bought the 'genuine' stuff on offer, rather than budget brands, so had the yellow boxes, not plain orange and white sainsburys ones]
    yours would be great for jewellery or other tiny trinkets. Or a couple of chocolates at a party able setting

    thanks for reminding of this great idea xxxx


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