Friday 25 October 2013

Mr W Bargains.

 Guess who's been shopping in Waitrose again?  It's my second home come 4pm most days. And its great for stretching my food budget in a way that lets me feed my family organic meat, prime cuts and exotic treats I couldn't usually afford.
  So how much did this little pile cost me?
That's right just £5.02 . The chicken is huge and will make three or four meals easy enough. I'm cooking it tonight and will pick it over in the morning when it has cooled. Just need to keep hubby from snacking each time he passes it. 
Perhaps I can use these two to distract him. Don't believe this photo though, the pair of them have been grumpy horrors all afternoon.

x X x


  1. Fantastic bargain, and the little ones are pretty Fantastic too x
    Sharon x

  2. Wow - I love how the multibuy discount on the fish got applied even though it wasn't full price!

    Sometimes W is good for this. I pick up the free mag on the way out too for the prize crossword. I've not won it yet, but it's still fin to do.

  3. Great bargains! I rarely buy meat unless discounted now. What a cute picture of your kids!

  4. Fantastic bargains and like the discount applied on fish!! We don't have Mr W near us 70 mile round trip but whilst on hols we went there every day Mr WP enjoyed his free coffee and free paper with £5.00 spend with your Waitrose card.

  5. wow great bargains- we don't have a W near us, but I always think of it as unaffordable even when I do pass one!


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