Thursday 10 October 2013

Down in the Park

 It's been the first really chilly day of the season here today, but still the sun has shone beautifully. This afternoon we got ourselves well wrapped in our winter coats and headed to the park for some free fun. DD enjoyed showing me all her moves on the slide.
 And even Baby D enjoyed clambering over the smallest sized slide for a few minutes. She is getting so much confidence in herself now and is always ready for an adventure. Climbing is her newest hobby and she can scale a set of stairs in seconds. Considering we don't have stairs at home to practise on, that;s pretty impressive.
 We also enjoyed hunting for conkers. Havant Park has several huge Horse Chestnut trees so there are about a thousand billion to sift though to find the best ones. DD definitely had her eye in and found bigger ones than I could.
And finally a little update on my knitting project. Two sleeves are now complete and I have cast on the back. I'm aiming to have finished the back by the middle of next week, possibly the weekend depends on various events. Really pleased with how it's coming though so far.

Now do excuse me but I am off to spend some time in the bath with Brian and a bottle of Crabbies.
Did you know we share the same birthday? All the best people are born on 9th of October you know!

Who do you share a birthday with?


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  1. Brian Blessed is a hoot. You got great pressies on your birthday. Love books.


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