Friday 11 October 2013

It's a bit Chilli

 I have been coverting these Chilli plants in Waitrose for months! I knew if I waited and kept a careful eye I would eventually get one for a lot less that the £3.50 a plant they were charging. I managed to swoop in at reduction time and grab this fella for a measly 45p. However now I have him home and settled on my dresser in the sunshine I am researching how to care for him and what to make with those lovely chillis.
Any tips from my Green fingered readers?

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  1. Hiya

    I would pot it on or scrape the top layer of soil off and replace with new stuff as there will be no goodness left in it keep it in a sunny place water often, stake if needed. A weekly feed with tomato fertiliser will help or a top dressing of woodash :) I too bought a plant at the garden centre for 50p and have harvested loads of Tiny fiery hot chillies


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