Monday 30 September 2013

Crafty Show and Tell

 Not much to say today. There is a horrible cold sweeping it's way through the members of the house and this morning it seems that it's my turn to start now the kiddies and hubby are feeling better.  Ho hum.
 Above is a plain peg bag I picked up for just 20p a week or two ago. I have found the biggest issue with knitting the jumper is that the dark green is almost impossible to knit in low/no light so I have been embroidering in the evenings and knitting in the day time. I still have a little bit more to do to it but I love how it looks so far.
And an update on the jumper progress. Things are going well and I am onto the second sleeve already. Just the back to do and I can get working on the funky reindeer frontage.

x x x


  1. It is absolutely essential with picture knits to do the boring plain bits first as an incentive. If you do the picture first [usually the biggest challenge pattern-wise], you run out of enthusiasm and may end up turning it into the front of a cushion cover!
    I agree about evening knitting in the autumn lights

  2. ooh the jumper is coming along nicely, i have been so busy this weekend i have not picked up my project , i must get it finished, I have had it on my needles since January ooops

  3. just spotted you have won the frugalus septimus challenge!!! well done!!! xx


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