Wednesday 18 September 2013

Making the world a prettier place

 At DD's pre school they are having lots and lots of building work done. Everywhere you look are the same dull wooden fences they have erected to separate the kiddies from the bulldozers (Very wise!). However one of the Pre school helpers decided they were fed up with all the grey dull fences and sent a note round asking parents to dress their small people in painting clothes.
  DD was a very enthusiastic artist and painted not one but three fences with gusto. What you can't see is that the backside of her is covered and I mean covered in paint!! She was so proud of her work though and insisted I take lots of pictures of her "work" for mummy's website.
 While she is there today I will be starting work on a new commission. A fabulous Christmas jumper for a friend of mine. I will keep you posted on my progress to keep me on task.
What have you crafted lately?


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  1. I have crafted nothing, I am hopign this weekend to get knitting some legarmers for lil lady and also finish a scarf, as i want to start a knitted christmas tree garland


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