Friday 31 August 2018

Ducks, Picnics and Fairys

Today we've spent time with some of our dearest friends and their children. 
We went for a nice walk around Leigh Park Gardens followed by a picnic together.

We fed ducks, climbed trees, hunted for bugs and rocks, played hide and seek in the woods and generally let the kids run a little bit mad in nature. 
"Kids in their natural environment", commented DH as we watched them all scramble up trees and play pooh-sticks on the little wooden bridges.

Once everyone was nicely tired out and slightly grass stained and muddy, we slowed things down with a visit to Keydells Enchanted Fairy Walk. It was beautifully done with fairy lights and gently sparkly music as you walked through discovering all the little secrets and surprises. 
Each year they do a walk at halloween and Christmas but this is the first Summer they have decided to run one.
At the end you can choose to add a donation for the walk, they are usually split between the local neonatal unit and children's wards.
We happily popped in a few pounds.
By the time we got home the children we're just awake enough for a quick dinner before popping into bed. 

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