Thursday 30 August 2018

Baking and crafting

Baked goods don't seem to last more than a few hours during the school holidays. If they do it's a sign something is wrong in the household. 
This morning while the children played with water in the garden, I made a quick batch of cherry shortbread. I was planning to make star shaped ones but found the chick cookie cutter first and thought why not.

However... I thought I was being clever by hiding them in the microwave to cool. Nope. Gman was straight over with a dining chair the second I turned my back. He happily polished of 8 chicks before I caught him. Even if he did put his hands over his eyes so I couldn't see him 😂.

This afternoon I find myself with 4 tired children who just want to curl up under blankets and watch tv shows on their tablets. So I'm enjoying the peace and working on a pretty caramel coloured baby blanket. 

X x X


  1. Clever little chap isn't he?! lol. I love the idea of him thinking you can't see him if he can't see you!

  2. I hope he wasn't sick, 8 chicks is a lot. lol

  3. Cute chick cookies. Your knitting is beautiful!


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