Friday 3 August 2018

Mrs Beeton's Almond Cheesecakes

Our next recipe to try was for Almond cheesecakes. It took the girls a little while to warm to the idea as they were expecting the cream cheese variety of cheesecake.
I was expecting a more egg-custardy type pie as the filling is very wet going into the oven.

We were however both wrong, though not disappointed! It's pretty much a frangipan! And those Victorians must of had giant sized patty-pans as I made 12 fairsized cakes and had half the mixture left over!

So for my second round I made one large almond cheesecake.
We tried one of the individual cakes each and we all enjoyed them. The centres are beautifully marzipany. I'm looking forward to trying another tomorrow and seeing if the flavours develop more like the almond cake did yesterday.
If I'm right then the pie dish one will be amazing on Sunday when we share it with family and friends!

Our next recipe is a bit tipsy so I'm not sure the smalls will be trying any yet. We'll have to see 

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