Wednesday 1 August 2018

Time to hang out with Mrs B


My mum very kindly gifted me this beautiful vintage copy of Mrs Beeton's Domestic Cookery.
The obituary on the back page dates this copy as 1873! 
If only it could talk and tell me where it's been over the past 145 years, which pages have been most read, which recipes most enjoyed and how many housewifely hands have held it.

This morning I pulled on my biggest big girl pants and took all 4 children with me to the local shops, SOLO! We've purchased everything we needed for Mrs B's Almond Cake recipe that wasn't already in the cupboards.
The plan is to bake it together this afternoon.
I may tweak it slightly by making individual cup cakes rather than one large cake but that depends on which tin I unpack first from the box 😂
I will share the results shortly.

X x X

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