Wednesday 1 August 2018

Mrs Beeton's Almond Cake

And so the very first recipe was completed! We had everything in stock except enough almonds. The recipe calls for 9oz all together and my very modern bag was only 150gms. It does mean there's left overs for the next recipe though so I was happy to grab more.
Mrs Beeton costs the recipe at 2s 6d which using a converter I found HERE estimates it at £7.83 in todays money. 
When I costed my ingredients using mysupermarket I only came to £3.82 however thats probably due to almonds and lemons being cheaper to import with our fancy modern transportation.
I also chose to use butter rather than margerine just in case it invoked any wrath from Mrs Beetons spirit and her ghost came to wrinkle the linens and curdle the milk!

I baked mine in about 40 minutes at 180° ish however if I made it again I would probably make it into one solid cake rather than layers. 
We all tried a slice for evening desert.
Both DD1&2 Want it again as a birthday cake! Gman licked his plate clean and DH asked for a second slice.
Half the cake has been finished in one sitting so it certainly won't be hanging around for long. 
Definitely a 10/10 success that I will make again.

Next recipe is Almond Cheesecakes!

X x X

P.S - All the recipes are alphabetical so expect a run on almonds locally 😂


  1. My DD swears by her Mrs Beeton's cook book.

  2. So, are you actually going to cook EVERY recipe? That's a pretty serious commitment, lol.

    1. Not everything...for a start I'm not sure where to buy turtle locally 😂 but I'll have a go at a fair few definitely


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