Wednesday 15 August 2018

Cactus cooking

Yesterday was DH's birthday. We had a lovely meal at a local Pizza hut and then a little wander around some nearby shops. One of which was a rather random discount store that seemed to stock the oddest things! One of the things we found were these sweet little cactus growing kits for £1 each. DH kindly bought 2 packs so the children could do a set and I could do a 'proper' set. 

I popped open one of the kits last night so i could read the instruction leaflet. First we needed to soak the compost pellets in some water overnight until they had expanded enough to use. I figured the children wouldn't have the patience for that to happen so I popped all 8 pellets into an old plastic trifle tub to soak overnight.
This morning I gave them a good stir and added a drop more water. I left them safely on top of the microwave so the children wouldn't spot it or knock it over.

DH; "That cake mix on the microwave is bloody awful!"

Yup! It would appear that I hadn't also factored in that the compost would need protection from curious Husbands too! 
I haven't the heart to tell him he's been eating compost.
The seeds have now been sown are happily snuggled into a nice warm propagator just in case any else in the house gets peckish.



  1. Reminds me of the time my now Ex MIL came in to the living room complaining bitterly about the hard and tasteless cereal bars I had in the kitchen.
    They were treats for our rabbit!!

  2. only Dh's can do that!!! I'll be interested to see what they turn out like.


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