Monday 13 August 2018

Thomas the Tank engine at the Watercress line

We spent a wonderful day riding trains and investigating train stations yesterday. The weather was a bit grey and drizzly but we managed to avoid any dourpours and 90% of the time we were undercover anyway. 
Baby W spent the day with Nanny being loved on and shown off to neighbours. It would have been a nightmare taking her in and out of the pram constantly, and the stations get extremely busy.
Now we live just 30 minutes drive away we are hoping to try some of their other events like their Christmas train journey complete with Father Christmas!

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  1. we have seen Thomas The Tank Engine also, but didn't ride on him. Good fun for all.

  2. Probably just as well it wasn't hot. The kids don't seem to notice the weather do they, as long as they are happy.


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