Sunday, 5 May 2013

Upcycled Genius!

 Flower designs book - 20p Peppa Pig cloth book 
 50p Beautiful South tape - 10p Tigger toy - 50p

Afternoon Everyone. The weather here has been glorious the past few days so we were tempted to do a Boot Sale today as sellers. It was quite a profitable morning, we made more than we thought we would. I also really enjoyed all four of us being together. We kept ourselves amused by playing silly games and wandering around the other stall countless times. I'm really impressed that we bought so little, usually a car boot is just to much temptation for me.
  I am so pleased I found someone selling cassette tapes finally! Want to know why?

I want the case rather than the cassette. If you turn the case right back it makes a perfect mobile phone stand. Perfect for watching videos and propping it up for playing music. And at 10p it's miles cheaper than most phone holders I have seen.
 I'm just waiting for my new Cath Kidston cataloge to arrive so I can make a new cover for it. Just need to find something to do with the cassette now. Any ideas??

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