Sunday, 26 May 2013

Frugal Sunday Picnic

 It's been such a beautiful day today weather wise. It's also been a good day for lots of sleep as we all slept till 8am! So with all this lovely energy to burn we decided to head to Staunton Gardens for an impromptu picnic.
 We packed our lunch of "leftovers" from the fridge and I boiled a few eggs to take with us. We also hooked out the end of our current loaf of bread to share with the ducks. And finally we packed a storybook to read together after our picnic.
 Since our last visit they have installed several large wood carvings such as the giant at the top of this post, and a dragon guarded tower, above.
 We were really brave and knocked on the little door to see if anyone was in but alas they must have popped out somewhere.
 Baby D must have such a crick in her neck this afternoon because she spent the whole visit like this. She sang to birds, trees and clouds floating overhead for a few happy hours. And even when we got her out the buggy for a crawl around on the grass she just rolled onto her back and carried on gurgling to whatever was up there.
 After our picnic we read "We're going on a Bear Hunt" together and played lots of games, mostly involving Daddy being a bear and us all running away and then beating him up with tickles.
 We then had a lovely walk through the woods looking for real bears. We didn't find any sadly but we did hear one! (they sound just like hedge strimmers oddly enough).
 We also found some huge mushrooms/toadstools growing on a tree.
 A whole collection of feathers were lying around the place and DD made a hefty collection by the time we arrived home. She informs me that they are for Grandad to make some wings with.
We also tried to work out the time by blowing several Dandelion clocks, but no two seemed to agree on what the time was. Funny that.

 Sometimes the best things in life really are the free things huh?

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  1. What a delightful entry ,making happy meomries with your little ones Jan xx

  2. Such a sweet post x


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