Tuesday 21 May 2013

More little somethings...

 We have a new goodie bag from my mum. She spoils us all rotten and we are really grateful that she thinks of us when she comes across all these bargains.
 Above is a BNWT Adidas hoody for me, perfect for tucking away for cooler weather, 2 little cardigans for DD. They will be perfect for pre school now its getting a bit to warm for her usual thick jumpers and jackets. Everything comes home filthy from pre school which means she has a great time while there but I need lots of supplies to get her clothed lol.
 This is the best find I think. A supersoft handknitted blanket in pale yellow. The edges are blue and pink crochet. It's actually two plain knitted squares held together by the edging making it super cozy and snuggly.
 It's a great size for both DD and Baby D on the sofa having cuddles. And wool always washes and drys  super fast which is handy.
I especially love the little felt characters dotted around it. Smiley rain clouds and curious llamas. It's inspiring me with some great ideas for this years Summer of Colour. So watch this space.

 x x x

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