Thursday 9 May 2013

Thrifty Thursday Shopping

  Bargains galore today on my mooch around the shops. Firstly I picked up some reduced leeks for our Sunday roast for 45p and then 3 huge ham and pineapple pizzas reduced to 75p each. Even better once they went through the till another £2.00 came off making it an amazing 25p for all three. That's 3 easy dinners in the freezer.

On my mooch round the charity shops it was slim pickings this week. I did spot a huge amount of over priced "labels", according to the price tags on some Atmosphere tops I saw today they are practically designer!
 I did however hunt through a few children's clothes bins as I am collecting little bits together for our holiday by the sea next month. The two tops for DD above were just 50p each and looked and felt brand new.
 The tin plaque will join my hallway display of saucy postcards. I am hoping to add to my hallway collection while we are away for the week.
 I finished up by visiting the free bookshop. I noticed last time I went in that they were appealing for more children's books, so I sorted out a bagful from DD's library of books. They were really grateful to receive them which made me feel nice and fluffy inside. I've promised to pop another bagful in soon as DD loves a new story rather than a repeated one.
 The story time book is to take away with us in DD's backpack. The Recyclopedia is quite fun but not what I was expecting when I picked it up. It is mostly about making games and toys from rubbish. I have picked up a few ideas from it I would like to try though.
 The Maracame book caught my eye because I need a new belt and when I flicked through it in the shop I noticed it had a nice belt pattern in it. So watch this space for a new craft experiment soon.

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