Saturday 18 May 2013

Last weeks happenings...

 ...DD is doing so well with her potty training. She is now dry at home and only wears pull ups while we are out and about (with very few accidents!). We have finally managed to get to use the toilet at Pre-School as well.
 ...Baby D has moved into a bigger car seat. She seems to be enjoying looking out the window when we are in the car as she giggles away on most journeys. I can't believe how fast she is growing up and it now fast approaching 10 months!
 ... Baby D found the dance mats we are selling in the shop fascinating. She likes to sit on one and bash a the buttons.
 ... DD has been enjoying our summer showers by having huge puddle splashing adventures on the walk home from the shop.
 ... I found a great idea on Pinterest for upcycling an old deodorant roll on into a homemade glue stick. It took minutes to do and has made cutting  and sticking time much tidier.
... And after all that I have finally got around to sewing up my reindeer bag! Its currently waiting to be pressed and then it's all ready to be a Christmas present for someone special.

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  1. ooh do you have the link to the deoderant glue stick on pinterest

    congrats to your little girls and her potty training, my little one just all of a sudden turned a corner in feb, said no more nappies day or night, and has only had 1 accident, she was 3 1/2 it has taken a while for her to get over her fear of toilets, but Ihave not bought a nappy since and it has saved us a fortune, I have a little travel potty which we take out it is fab as it folds up and has little liners which are cheap to make too

  2. love that you have 'glue' written in big letters on the repurposed deodorant stick - what a mess if you accidently used it underarm !!

    hope to be seeing you in the colour of summer this year - I still remember your lovely ice cream cone embroidery from last year


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