Monday 20 May 2013

Car Boot Goodies.

  4x Charlie and Lola books - £1  Peppa Pig Book - 20p

 Perfect for adding to DD's little library of books. We are building up quite a good collection of C&L now.
 2x Jodi Picoult books - 10p each  2x Tea towels - 25p each

 More books for bath time, these two are a little big for dragging around on holiday but I'm challenging myself to finish them before we go. I find that Picoults books are quick easy reads so I tend to zoom through them at a rate of knots.
 The tea towels are a great find as many of mine are pretty stained. These two have replaced the two that were in the worst condition. I cut them down into cleaning cloths and have chucked my most tatty cleaning cloths.
 4x That's not my.... - £1

 I love these books and always keep my eyes peeled for them when out and about. DD is finding them a bit babyish and boring but Baby D should start getting into them soon.  If you have tiny people in your family and haven't seen these yet I really recommend checking them out.

Spiderman hat - 50p Tiger toy - £1  George Pig - 20p

 The hat is for our holiday as DD has outgrown her old ones and passed them onto Baby D.
 The little toys were to keep them both occupied as we walked around the stalls and also afterwards when we had a lovely pub lunch with Uncle Derick.

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P.S I've just noticed I have hit 40,000 views on my blog :) Wow, I didn't realize I was so fascinating!

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