Friday 24 May 2013

Counting LapBook

  I've been reading a lot about Lapbooks lately, they are something of a homeschooling craze. So I decided to give one a go for DD. I didn't have a file folder so I made something similar using my massive roll of wallpaper liner. We decorated the front for a while with stickers.
 One the first part I glued two envelopes to hold the loose cards, one envelope for numbers cards and one for picture cards.
On the inside I made little pockets from scrap card and wrote the number words on the front from one to ten.The idea is DD puts the right cards in the right pocket, but we made up several little ways to use the book over the afternoon.

 I really enjoyed making this craft and watching DD play with it. This morning she wanted to take it to preschool with her which made me feel rather proud of myself.
 I am already working on a second lapbook to go with the book "We're going a bear hunt" so watch this space.

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  1. i use lapbooks all the time with my dd she loves them and they are a great learning aid xx


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