Friday 18 January 2013

Welcome Fellow Growers

Welcome to my Grow your Blog post. Pull up a chair and get some knitting out and I will whitter on about me and mine for a little while.

 This is me, I'm Sarah. I'm 27 and when there isn't a baby sleeping on my face I am generally pottering about, or running after one or both of my daughters or my husband.
 I really enjoy knitting and crochet, but have no luck with sewing beyond tiny cross stitch projects and running stitch. I am usually making something, at the moment its a fair isle bag. I photoed it a post or two ago you may be able to have a peek if you fancy.
 I love investigating anything that can make me a little more self sufficient and it's my dream to do the whole River Cottage thing. The first few series type though before he got all silly and turned it into a brand.

This is my handsome hubby of 18 months, with our two daughters. DD is almost 3 and Baby D is almost 5 months! Where the time has gone I have no idea, but I have certainly enjoyed it. I am really family orientated and am one of those people who don't tend to do much outside of her own family circle.
 By the way Hubby is often referred to as Child 3! And I swear sometimes he is one giving me the biggest hassle.

 And today I have mostly been hiding from DD who has pelted me with snowballs every time we go out. She gets chilly fast poor lamb, so we've been taking it in turns wrapping her up and playing in the snow for 15 minutes, then coming in for a few hours and warming up.
 Hubby tried a few hours in the shop but didn't see a single soul the whole time, so just took care of the online sales and came on home. I really admire him for trudging there and back in the snow. It's been lovely having some extra chill out time together though.
Thank you for popping in to see me and what I'm up to. I can't wait to visit everyone!
 x x x


  1. Hi Sarah,
    So nice to meet you through Vicki's blog hop. You have a sweet family and I love that you are an Amish wannabe. Hope you are all staying warm and cozy during your winter storm!

  2. I often wish I had a little girl! Still, we do have a couple of things in common, namely being British, handmade fans and SKINT!=)

  3. hi there Sarah, nice to meet you! Your children are so cute, love the tiger!
    Hugs and happy weekend to you,

  4. Hi Sarah, you have a lovely family and a lovely blog. I love the Amish, too. My favorite artist is Nancy Noel and the most of her paintings are of Amish children. You should check her out. It's so nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog earlier.

  5. Your family and blog are just lovely. I love to knit as well. I am working on a shawl for my mother's birthday. So nice to meet you through the Grow Your Blog party. :)

  6. Your family are so sweet Sarah.

  7. Hi Sarah, what a cute family! I have 2 small children too. Stopping in to say hi from a new follower. Our family is also on a tight budget which causes me to be very creative at times.


  8. Hello, Sarah, just want to say hello and thank you for stopping by my blog this morning. How blessed you are to have young children (including your husband). Enjoy them, for as I'm sure you've been told, they'll be grown in no time.

  9. Oh sweet Sarah
    Thank you for stopping by my party! What a beautiful family you have. Thank you for your kind words. everyone keeps telling me to write a book. I actually had one almost completed when we had our housefire and I lost the hard copy the printed copy and even the CD copy!!! That was all at the time I was diagnosed with my RSD and had such a difficult few years in there I lost my spirit for writing. That is a new goal this year.
    I am a new follower so we will have a chance to get to know one another more in the future.
    Hug those babies tight---before you know it they will have babies of their own!!!

  10. Hi Sarah! What a beautiful family you have, and I see you like to crochet. Me too! I also read on your bucket list that you want to see Les Miserable live?.. Well I AM, and I'm so excited about it, I can hardly stand the wait. My daughter preordered the tickets, for my Mother's Day gift, last year, and we'll actually be going to see it come Spring!!! I'm a HUGE fan of Les Miserables, and am currently just starting the book too. It's so thick, I don't know WHEN I'm going to finish it, but I know I'll love it! (0; I see you're also a movie buff. Me TOO!... Nice meeting you via Grow Your Blog, and hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend! ~tina

  11. I just found you via GYBP - and so glad I did, I am secretly (or not so secretly!) obsessed with the idea of self-sufficiency and old fashioned ways of doing things. Love it. Look forwrad to getting to know you better!
    ps your family are so cute! xxx

  12. Hi Sarah,

    It is so nice to meet you. Your blog is lovely. I'm still making my way through visiting everyone from Vicki's Grow Your Blog party. I hope you will stop by to say hello.

  13. I'm visiting from the GYB party. I'm a new follower now. Your children are darling! Have a wonderful week! sandy


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