Tuesday 8 January 2013

My day

 I'm working on a paper mache project at the moment for the shop. I've been in the little back room doing it, as I'm full of lurgy and probably shouldn't be allowed near customers lol. I sound worse than I feel, but sadly I sound like a 40 a day drag queen.
 DD is super excited because tomorrow is her big first day at pre school. She went for an hour or so with Daddy today as a taster session. By the end of it you wouldn't have know it was her first time, she was like a duck to water. Tomorrow morning is going to be so strange without her.
And finally while "playing" in the back room I found a stash of Star Wars bits and pieces, so before we came home I made a little display. Easily entertained me :)

 On the way home we popped into Waitrose and stocked up on twiglet tubs for 85p each, a lovely bottle of Jersey milk for 22p and 2 packs of pancakes for 25p each. Just perfect for supper.

x x x

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  1. they grow up so fast don't they? It just seems like yesterday when our two started pre-school, now they're 27 and 28!! I was a child bride!!



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