Thursday 17 January 2013

Prepping for the storm

Blinis - 10p x 10 Mousse trio - 69p Organic Milk 19p x 4
Tomato pasta 29p x 2 - Birthday Cake - 1x £2.25

So the world and his wife tells me that tomorrow we will be snowed in tomorrow. A few of the oldies at my knitting group tutted and said "it'll never happen, it never does",
 A few scare mongers on my facebook seem to think we will be cannibalizing each other by tea time to survive lol. But either way I have stocked up on the necessary just in case. Plenty of milk and bread in the fridge. And lots of lovely birthday cake!

I also popped into the Boots sale as I heard a rumour it was all 75% off now. The rumours were true and I picked up 2 Sanctuary gift sets for £2.50 each. Buying them gave me two vouchers for NO7 which is on a double offer. 2 nail varnish and a pack of face wipes for £5 , which in turn gave me another voucher! So I might stock up on some more polish tomorrow.
 The tops and shorts  were just 50p for all three! Baby D will be quite the fashionista come summer.

 I have a Vindaloo cooking to warm me up, so I shall wish all good luck in surviving "The great snow of 2013"

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  1. hope you survive your snow storm and here's hoping the forecasters are wrong!!!

    Gill in Canada, where it's snowing again!!


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