Sunday 27 January 2013

The Dark Knight 7/250

 So I watched it, and I didn't like it anymore that the first time I saw it. But I will not dwell on it, I don't have to watch it again and lets move on with the list!
 I'm still waiting for 12 angry men to arrive, hopefully tomorrow. Number 8 is Schindler's List which I need to track down somewhere, I've asked on Facebook so fingers crossed I can borrow a copy from somewhere. And then it's onto the Lord of the Rings trilogy whoop whoop.

I couldn't leave you all though without some Batman craft I discovered while waiting for some cakes to bake (another bucket list post coming soon!). I wish I'd seen these Batman snowflakes earlier! I've pinned them for next year though!

and these Batman nails are to die for! I wish my hand was that steady. I used to do a lot of pop art type drawings when I was younger (before kids when life was simpler)

 Watch this space for another post in the next half hour or so! I'm working on some Rainbow cakes (another item on my list) and they are almost cooked :)

x x x

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  1. Love the batman snowflake idea - I have seen (and indeed cut) Star Wars ones - yoda is my favourite, but haven't done Batman. Might have to do it next year!


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