Friday 11 January 2013

posh nosh

Nummy food bargains  .  
Today I am feeling much better, I made it to the shop with OH and even managed to sneak in a bargain shop in Waitrose! Tonight's dinner will be Charlie Bighams Salmon en croute with chips and veg, followed by Mr W's, Tarte au chocolat. Tomorrows breakfast will be the last two pain au chocolate from the last bargain hunt, lunch is Duchy's soup and Heston's teacakes! I feel rather grand with all this name dropping! And it all cost me under £6 to boot.

And as a little addition DD make this lovely pompom picture at pre school today. She was so proud of it she took my camera out of my bag and snapped a few shots for "mummy's laptop". She is settling in so well already, after only 2 sessions although today she came home twice as tired as session 1. They  played outside today on the slides and trampolines so she is well and truly burnt out!

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  1. great deals on good name products. Love the pom pom picture, tell her well done from me!!


  2. Im taking my Mum Waitrose today, I usually dawdle behind her while she shops as too expensive for me to purchase anything in there but feel inspired to have a good look round after your bargains!
    So glad DD is enjoying nursery!

    Amanda x


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