Friday 27 April 2012

Week one of Finding Fun

 Week 1 of the Finding Fun challenge is here at last. Carolyn has made a cracking list for week one at Mess, Muddle and Fun. Pop on over and have a looksie.

It's yet another bad day weather wise here on the south coast so we are confined to the indoor ideas today. So we chose to do number 5, taking our pencil for a walk. DD was really in the mood for colouring in and I must admit it was a nice change to join her rather than use the "quiet" time to do some housework. I hadn't noticed before how DD's scribbles have changed from random marks and accidental contact with the paper, to much more controlled lines and circle shapes. She even made a straight line of scribbles and told me what it "said" which was pretty amazing as I thought she was miles away from reading and writing. Yet here she is trying already to make sense of it and copy it. Something I really want to encourage now I've seen the first signs.
 I've popped our 2 pictures on the fridge for everyone to enjoy, and to remind myself that I need to spend more playtime with DD, and more fun time for myself.
Thank you for opening my eyes Carolyn.
x x x x

The fridge and it's new art display.


  1. I love that you did this with your DD...never too young or too old for fun! Thanks for joining in and well done on being the first to link up.

  2. Sounds such a lovely idea to do it together.

  3. Oh well done for being number one with the fun.
    [didn't intend to make those rhymes, but who cares?]

    weekend blessings x

  4. Thanks for your comment on my raindrop photo, but it was my husband who actually took that one! He stooped down low for it but it was MY camera. BJ

  5. As I say on my Finding Fun post, I used to make "joggle maps" when I was in the car. A similar idea to taking a pencil for a walk, but done in the car!

  6. Hello, I came here from Carlyn's Finding Fun Linky Thingy. I love your pencil walks - I'll get round to doing that myself when my French exam is over. Just wanted to say, though, that i scrolled up and down your last few posts and feel as though I might have found a new blog friend. I've become a follower and wish you good luck with Bump

  7. Joining you for Finding Fun. How fabulous to have a finding fun partner..and children are experts!
    Jane x

  8. Looks like you had lots of fun - you will soon have pictures everywhere!


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